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Thursday 27th April, Session 1

Team situational awareness: Practitioner-centred design of a Safety Huddles Toolkit
William Green, University of Leicester

Patients die every year as a result of a failure to recognize early warnings of deterioration. A contributing factor is poor team communication and situational awareness. This paper describes the practitioner-centred design of a safety huddles toolkit. The toolkit is designed with QI in mind to allow practitioner-led continuous improvement and adopted in different environments. Indicative findings suggest practitioners find it to be a useful toolkit. The toolkit is enclosed in the paper to be adopted widely.

Challenging the Limits of Cognitive Systems Engineering and Ecological Interface Design: Commander’s Cyber Situational Awareness
Rob Hutton, Trimetis Ltd

Military commanders are increasingly required to understand more than just the physical terrain. Understanding activities in cyberspace and their impact on operations presents a number of challenges for military personnel, tech-savvy or not. This paper presents a cognitive systems engineering approach to providing visualization solutions to support commander decision making. An Ecological Interface Design approach was used. Challenges for supporting cyber situational awareness are described.

It’s not all about the bike: distributed situation awareness and teamwork in elite women’s cycling teams
Paul Salmon, University of the Sunshine Coast

This paper presents the findings from a study examining situation awareness and teamwork in elite women’s cycling. This involved observing an elite racing team during two Australian National Road Series race events and conducting post-race critical decision method interviews. The data were analyzed using the Event Analysis of Systemic Teamwork framework to show the task, social and situation awareness networks underpinning team performance. The findings are discussed in relation to enhancing cycling team performance and potential applications in other sports.

DISCUSSION: Interruptions: implications for systems design across industries
Simon Walne, Imperial College London

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