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Wednesday 26th April, Session 4

Development of the CIEHF White Paper on Human Factors in Barrier Management: Recommendations and Learnings
DISCUSSION: The way ahead

Ian Randle, HuTech Ltd

CIEHF members have become concerned at how human performance is being addressed in some current approaches to barrier management, and Bowtie Analysis in particular. There is, as yet, little standardization or agreed statements of best-practice about how to implement Bowtie Analysis either within or across sectors. The guidance that is available says little or nothing about what represents good practice in dealing with Human Factors aspects of barriers. Consequently, practices have developed and been shared across businesses and industries that are inconsistent with good practice in Human Factors and Ergonomics.
In response to those concerns, a workshop was organised at CIEHF 2015 to discuss and review concerns about current practice and to try to determine what the CIEHF might consider as the basis of good practice. Following the workshop, a working group was established to develop a CIEHF white paper on the subject. The resulting white paper is anticipated to be published in early 2017.
This paper covers two objectives. First, it summarises the process adopted to develop the white paper, including the internal and external consultations undertaken and the steps necessary to achieve approval for publication from the CIEHF Executive and Council. Consideration is given to lessons learned that may be relevant to the development of subsequent CIEHF white papers. Second, the paper summarises the content of the white paper, including; i) CIEHF members concerns with current practice, including eight specific concerns about the way Human and Organisational Factors are often addressed in Bowtie Analysis; ii) recommendations covering Human Factors in the selection, verification, implementation and assurance of controls (both barriers and safeguards), and ; iii) a proposed layered approach to examining how barriers can be defeated and the safeguards that need to be in place to mitigate against it.

Date & place

25 - 27 April 2017
Staverton Estate, Daventry, Northamptonshire

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